I must apologize for my brain lapse, I will be able to post the totals of all the starting accounts tonight because March 1st is not a trading day. Duh, what was I thinking?


First Field Experiment A Yard Sale

Again, totals for the accounts will be posted March 1st 2008.

I just heard from my Grandmother that a friend of hers is having a yard sale, but she doesn't have enough items to entice enough people to stop. Well, they knew that I had some stuff in the garage from when I had a commission/antique/store back in 2005. (long story, its closed now)

I have a few pieces that I am going to send over there and see if they sale (see pic). The reason that I am posting this one is that everyone has some stuff they need to get rid off, you know, that ole' bean bag chair, an old computer monitor, some clothes that are out of style or don't fit anymore, etc....
If you don't have enough stuff to have a yard sale yourself, partner with a few friends or neighbors and have a yard party!
Anyway, this yard sale is happening March 1st and will last all day, so I will post the results on March 2nd.

Tips for a yard sale:

  • Do a little research and see how much your stuff is worth. (check ebay or visit a yard sale yourself)

  • Make sure everything is priced

  • If you are doing this with someone else, make sure everything is labeled, whose items is whose.

  • Have plenty of small money to make change with

  • Prepare the night before and it will probably be an all day event

  • Put an ad in the local paper, -or- if you live close to a busy street, put up bright colored and easily readable signs

  • Work in shifts, someone needs to be there the whole time to answer questions and take money

  • Have Fun

If you want to try and make a few more bucks, run to your local wal-mart and buy whatever cokes and bottled water is on sale, (not too much, 2 six packs of cokes and maybe 10-12 bottles of water and a sack of ice) Put them on ice and put up a sign that says "Ice Cold Drinks $1" if all else fails, you have some drinks for the fridge. I have seen some people sell cookies and brownies too.

*Remember, One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure!

I want to make about $20-$50 for this one day event, let's see what happens.

p.s. The child in the picture is the youngest of 2 kids that my parents are adopting. His name is Mason and he is about to be my little brother. He's a little monster! (in a good way!)


The Start of it all

My name is Thomas Jowers and I am 23 years old. I am a senior at Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, Tx.

From reading interesting blogs like Nevblog.com and others I decided that I wanted to do something a little different.

So my goal is to try to make $1 a day by the end of the year but investing with the budget of a college student, since I am one.

I actually have a lot more money/investments than what I will be expressing in this blog, again, I am trying to do this from the vantage point of a college student.

So I am going to act like I just received my Income Tax money and my birthday money, and I want to make it make me money. (p.s. I haven't received my income tax money yet due to a screw up from my mainstream tax preparation service providers that charged me over $220, due to me owning a business)

If I add money to one of my accounts that we are following in this blog, it will not count as money made but will be seen in the totals. I will not include my 401K savings or money made from my online ventures. I will add the money made from advertising on this blog because a college student could easily start and secure advertising on a blog like this one.

Totals will be updated on the first of every month with other note worthy items posted as they happen. I will also try to do experiments like Neville does to have fun with this site and get more students interested in making cash in unconventional ways. We will also have investing and savings tips, but we will NEVER recommend a stock!

My accounts include:
My Investing Account (will have less than $1,000 again to simulate the savings of a student) (this total will be posted at the end of trading on March 1st, 2008 to give me a bench mark on which to calculate returns)
Money Market Account (any student can get one)
Savings Account (most students already have one of these)
Personal Loan Account (I will let everyone know how to get this started, I have tested it for over a year now!)

If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I have been setting up seperate financial accounts for this blog so I can keep everything seperate! This experiment is meant to be fun, exciting, and informative.
After I reach my goal of making A BUCK A DAY, we will set a new goal to keep this blog alive. I want students to learn from my mistakes and implement the things that work!


Coming Soon

coming soon.

How I plan to make A Buck A Day. Doing nothing but investing on a college student's budget!