Social Shopping

Social Shopping and apps/sites that help you get discounts could come in very handy this holiday season. We no longer have the Bing Cashback program to help us but many sites are taking up the slack.

I recently took a mini vacation to San Antonio Tx, and a business trip to Odessa Tx. I was able to use some of these companies to save money.

First, to take the place of Bing's Cashback program, Ebay has stepped up with their ebay Bucks Program, I have already used this a little and have saved some money with it. So when you need to do that Christmas shopping, click on over to Ebay first and check their prices.

I relied heavenly on Foursquare to start my decision making on places to eat, Twice we went to Chilis because we got free Chips and Salsa with our late night drinks. Foursquare already has 4+ Million users. You can find me on Foursquare at

Groupon has not made it to my city yet but I have seen the groupon features on ebay. It looks like people can Amazing deals on certain products. Again, I have not used it yet, but am looking forward to it.

Also, you can get amazing one day only deals at Woot was recently purchased by, so I am looking for them to really push Woot during the holidays.


I have recently read the book titled "You Don't Change a Company by Memo" This is a great book if you are in the position to change a company. Are you a manager, team leader, etc.... It helps the person that wants to change their company for the better, it gives them a place to start. The book is a little old, but it still makes valid points that all management, CEO's, etc... need to build upon.

I am am Assistant Manager at an Entertianment Store, I see many things that I can use and implement during the holiday season to make my associates more productive. It will also let me associate know that we are a team, and not just a boss/employee relationship, I read this book over a few weeks, 15 minutes each time during my lunches.