Back to School

It is about 8 hours till classes start at my college, I am finishing my summer project and thought it would be nice if I wrote a little tip page!

1. DON'T BUY BOOKS at the bookstore, use eBay, Half, or Amazon. I do this every semester and save about 60% on my books, and when it comes to selling them back, I just resell them on the internet, sometimes I even make a profit! Actually, never set foot into your bookstore, you can everything you need online or at a supermarket for a much lower price.

2. NETWORK, It is very important that you create good solid relationships with fellow students and teachers. They can help you get jobs, scholarships, internships, etc.... LinkedIn is a great way to network professionally with teachers or acquaitences or facebook for good friends.

Look me up on Facebook or LinkedIn , My name is Thomas Jowers or my email is remove SPAM from email

3. Buy a cheap notebook calendar and write EVERYTHING down. On the first day the teachers usually go over the syllabus, right down important dates!

4. Take a Fun Class...You have electives..use them..take a course you can't see yourself taking.. you will meet interesting people and make awesome contacts, and maybe learn something.

5. Tutor people! You can get paid $10 an hour or more to help people. Find a subject you are good in and post a flyer at the lunch room. Who knows that tutoring job could help pay down your student loans. You can even sell Notes! <---- I wanted to do this but never did it!

6. Get a Job, it has been proven that students that have a job, will better handle time contraints. Shows prospective employers after college that you were not a slouch. Also, make and invest some money!

7. Create Study sheets. Have a test coming up, set down and type yourself up a study guide that you can take with you and read when convenient, Lunch at work, waiting in a line, right before bed is good too! Always look at your notes RIGHT before you walk into the room for the test!

8. Have fun and do your work! Thats it, it is your college years, now I dont mean be stupid, but have fun. I am in my last stretch and am already missing it. I was fortunate enough to have take classes at 4 colleges, some online. I received a broad spectrum of education and dont regret any of it!

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New Venture

I have decided to start an online store to go along with this site. I was going to use Microsoft Office's online store because they partner with Ebay and it was $2 cheaper per month. Then I saw the fine print, I was only going to get the discounted price for a year, then it doubles, plus I still had to pay Ebay fees. So why not and go to the source? I opened an online store on ebay. I connected it to a domain that I already have. So now if you type in you are taken to my online store, at the moment I don't have all of the items in it, but I am working on it.
My items are being dropshipped so I don't have to worry inventory, but to keep things interesting, I am going to sell some things that I find at garage sales!


July 2008 Results

Starting Tally from June:

My Savings Account: $258.07

My Investing Account: $600.47

My Money Market Account: $39.73
Don't forget this amount is actually in my Day Trading Experiement* $.11 is actually in the account.

My Personal Lending Account: $248.85
Currently loaned: $232.90
Waiting to be Loaned: $15.95

Ending Totals for July were:

My Savings Account: $258.72 <+.65>

My Investing Account: $706.69 <+106.22> $95 was new stock added

My Money Market Account: $226.61 <+186.88> $150 new deposits

My Personal Lending Account: $250.35 <+1.50>
Currently loaned: $228.79
Waiting to be Loaned: $21.56

My portfolio gained $295.25 for this month, but $245 were deposits for the month, so they dont count. So I really made $50.25 for the month or $1.675 per day! Mostly due to stock market rebounding!