Eating Out...

I just opened my statement from my bank for the month of November. One thing stood out more than anything is the amount that I eat out in a month.

For the month of November I ate out for a total of 14 times for a total of $130.04 and an average of $9.28 per time out. So if I cut the amount that I eat out in half, to only 7 times per month, not only will I probably be healthier, but I will save about $65 per month! That's almost $800 per YEAR!


Bad Habits = Lost Money

If you quit a bad habit or two you can save some serious CASH!

The New Year is almost here and everyone makes a New Year's Resolution.

So here is a little extra push to help you quit those nasty habits, just crunch the numbers!

On average a pack of Smokes cost $5, if you are on a one pack a day habit you can save $1800 a year by quitting! If you smoke 2 packs a day, you could save over $3600 per year! That could be an AWESOME Vacation! There is also the added side affect that you will be healthier too!

The average cost of a 6-pack of beer is $4.50. If you could stop drinking just one 6-pack PER WEEK, you could save over $230 per year! Over 20 years that's nearly $5000, and when you add in a paltry Savings Account Compound Interest, you will get to have one heck of a retirement party!

The same could be said for many habits, don't get that fast food dinner once per week, skip the coffee shop in the morning and save $5 per day, Go to the movies only once per month instead of twice per month and save over $100 per year (more if you buy refreshments!)


Save $2.37 per week...

Do you eat at fast food establishments?
Most Americans venture into one 3 times per week. When most people go into a fast food place they order their food and a large drink. So if you ordered a small drink (and save about 79 cents) you can fill it up unlimited times in most fast food places as long as you are still inside the building.
.79 X 3 = $2.37 + tax


Keep an eye open

Always keep your eye open for a good deal. This blog is not only to help you make money but to save you money too!

There are a bunch of great deal websites out there to help you save money....the one that I am a big fan of is and I also like living

From I bought a digital camera for only $5!

Also check out your favorite stores, I bought 2 pounds of rock crab legs today to only $8! $8 TOTAL! (I will posting a video of how I cook these up)

Warning.... If you join a few deal do not have to buy every deal posted...only buy the ones that you were going to buy anyway at regular price.



You have to do it and you have to do it NOW!
Plan for your retirement that is! I just started a new job and am disappointed to find out that they do not offer a 401K but they will hold out part of your paycheck and purchase savings bond on your behalf.
It is better than doing nothing at all!
I will be creating my own IRA or looking for a part time job that provides a 401K that I can max out.
It is never too late to start trying to save for your retirement, the only thing is that the longer you wait the more you have to save out of every check!


Easy way to Invest in Silver

If you are like me you look for investments that have nearly no risk but a lot of upside. Until now my money has been in 3 different Savings accounts (earning .8-1%), a 401K (earning just under 6%), and some select high dividend paying stocks. I knew there had to be a better way to protect and increase my money.

Believe it or not my breakthrough came from watching videos on youtube. I saw a video called Coin Roll Hunting. When I clicked on the link and watched the video, a light bulb went off and I was dumbfounded that I hadn’t thought of this before. The guy in the video went to the bank and bought $1000 in half dollar coinage and sorted through it to find the ones with Silver content.

I decided to give this a try and see how much of a profit I could make. The worst I could do is break even, because I can just deposit the non-silver coins right back into my account.
I went to the bank and bought all of the half dollar coinage that they had ($113). I sorted through the coins and found some Silver Coins! WOW! I deposited the non-silver coins back into my account, sold the Coins with Silver content on ebay and made a profit of over $20 after all fees and shipping! That is almost a 20% return!

Think of it this way, if you found only one 40% Silver half every month for the last five years, you would have profited over $300! With the economic turmoil that we are in now and the rising price of silver, just think how much you could make in the next 5 years.

Watch me sort through some Kennedy Halves at

If you like this article you can find me blog at or you can subscribe to it via the Kindle and Kindle App by searching for “A Buck A Day Blog”

All Barber, Frankin, and Walking Liberty Halves are 90% Silver.

The 1964 Kennedy Half is 90% Silver and the 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, and 1970 Kennedy halves are 40% Silver.

Dimes and Quarters made before 1965 are 90% Silver, if you would rather sort through them.

Some people are search through pennies; pennies made before 1982 are mostly copper and are currently worth nearly 3 cents each in melt value, also keep an eye out for wheat and indian head cents.


Sorry it took so long...

A while ago I promised I would post a few pictures of the homemade paper that I make by recycling junk mail and scrap paper....

Well, hopefully I did one better, I made a video of how I do it!

Here is the link...

Let me know how you would do it differently...


Articles Coming

I am working on a few articles that I am excited about:

Investing in Silver with NO RISK! What? Yeah, I am still testing it and currently making a video about it!

Vending Machines...Do they make money? I bought 2 vending machines and am in the process of getting them set.

I am still trying to sell all of the items that I purchased at the garage sales that I attended earlier this summer.

and finally...

Selling Stamps for a profit.....I have been working on this one for a while and it is starting to show promise...


Quick Update

Just a quick update on the garage sale items...

I sold a book and 2 old liquor bottles....keeping the profit secret until everything sells.


I need a business idea.

Okay, I am trying to think of a P.I.G. (Passive Income Generating) Company.

I have a day job but am always wanting to have something else going that is making me more money.

What I have now:

Currently I run a few websites/blogs :
This is an online information portal. I have also included a Free Online Classifieds Section for anyone to use.
A website that helps put financial and business articles in plain speech. There are no big fancy words here to confuse anyone. This blog is also available for download on the Kindle from Amazon.
A website that gives ideas and tips on recycling, reusing, and reducing your carbon footprint. It helps people go green that don't know where to start. This blog is available for download on the Kindle from Amazon.
Love cooking? Want tips on cooking and recipes to try? Check out my website called The Foodie Within and begin your trip into my Culinary World. This blog is available for download on the Kindle from Amazon.

I make money by showing ads next to the content on these pages, these require minimal work on my part. I just have to write a post for these every so often So far these sites have shown OVER 400,000 ads and they are still going!

I also have stocks that pay dividends, they are stable companies that appreciate in value and pay me to hold them, I am counting these as P.I.G.'s

What I am thinking for a new P.I.G.

I used to have a vending machine in my house and I would get about $3 per week from friends and family. It was just a novelty for us to talk about, but I have since sold it. I am thinking about trying this out as a new money maker. I want to start with one machine, once it is profitable, use the money it makes to buy another machine, and so on. I know I can get one online for about $60 shipped. I like the vendstar 3000 models.

What are your questions/concerns/comments? Do you have a better idea for me to try? Remember, all ideas must require little effort on my part aside from initial set up. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thank you!


More stuff to sell...

Well, one item so far has sold, but I haven't put anything up for sale except the books on I recently took the remaining balance and went on another garage sale binge, this time to Tuscola TX. I spent a total of $15.30. Here is what I got...

Canon Camera Lens
Perfume bottle made of milk glass
Bag of Candy molds
crystal S&P shaker
Silver S&P shaker
3 blue willow plates
3 antique perfume bottles

These items are being added to the items I already have to be put on ebay when I get a chance to test my question, "Is it still profitable to sell items on ebay"


Update on eBay Experiment

Okay, back from the trip. I didn't spend my whole $100, not even close actually.

I spent $18.20 on:

(2) Gold Spoon Sets
(5) Books
(1) Box of Rumber Stamps (approx 25 stamps)
(1) 5 gallon bucket of old miniture alcohol bottles
(1) Antique milk glass compote
(1) Cream colored Vase (looks like McCoy)
(1) Kiln Slumped Art Glass Dish
(1) Box of miniture Amber Glasses (approx 4 dozen)

None of the items are listed for sale yet, but in a few minutes I will at least have the books listed on (it is owned by eBay) the link is here:

I am currently deciding how to ship these items the most efficient way possible for both me and the potential buyer!


Selling Items on eBay...Is it Still Viable?

I have heard less and less about people selling items on eBay and making a fortune. I want to see if this is still a viable way to turn a profit. is the plan:

This Saturday a small neighboring town is having a CITY WIDE GARAGE SALE. I am going to pack up and go to see what items I can find but I need to set some Ground Rules:


1. Can only spend $100

2. Everything purchased must be listed for sale online on eBay

3. Must log how much everything cost

4. Must log how much in fees I pay for listing on eBay

5. Must log how much in fees I pay for using PayPal

6. How Much I charged for shipping for each item

7. How much shipping actually was for each item

8. How long did everything take, from listing to shopping etc...

Things I will need:

1. Paper/Tissure for wrapping delicate items

2. Paper and Pen to record how much I paid for items

3. iPhone so I can quickly see how much items are going for while on location to see if I should buy it (using the eBay app)

4. $100 in small bills

5. Box/Reusable bag to keep everything in

When everything is sold...I must list all numbers for everyone to see if this was profitable or not.

Since I actually agreed to take my grandmother, I am not going to count gas or food, this little experiment is a BONUS !

Check back Sunday for a short listing of what I found and a link to the eBay auctions.

Thanks and wish me luck!


Bank Changes

My bank is changing a few things about their savings accounts that I personally dont is awesome for other people to get them to save more....I save plenty, I use my savings account purely a tool to buy Certificate of Deposits with. With this new change, I will have to wait 3 months before I can buy another CD with this bank. What is your favorite bank? Online Bank? Send me a link... Here is my Twitter account @ThomasJowers


Have you bought a CD today?

Not one of the music CD's but a Certificate of Deposit.

Today there are many no minimum CD's out there, so you could actually take the cost of a music CD and buy a Certificate of Deposit.

If you did this every month, you could save OVER $200 a year, and make interest to boot!

Typical new Music CD cost $16.99 X 12 months = $203.88 + INTEREST!

How many Music CD's do you own???? Go Count... I'll Wait......Now multiply by $16.99....See how much money you could be sitting on!!!!!!


Tax Season is Here!

This year, if you are lucky enough to get a tax return, try saving some!

Let's say you get $1200 this year...Try to put back $500 into some type of savings, buy a CD, pay off High interest debt, etc....

Then treat yourself to the rest instead of spending it all!

Tax tip*

When going in to do your taxes, make sure you have everything stubs, charity contributions, stock gains/losses....etc...