AT&T Upgrades

AT&T is upgrading their network.

In 2010 they will be spending $19 billion to add more towers and to upgrade existing towers to 3GS standards. Take THAT Verizon. This will help the image of AT&T and could possibly mean that the exclusivity of the iphone will stay with them. AT&T will also be the provider for the iPad from Apple.


RIMM being purchased?

I think that RIMM (maker of the popular Blackberry) will be purchased this year by a large software company. My reasoning is as follows.

.Google launched their own branded smart phone.

.Microsoft thought about doing it but decided against it because they did not want to compete with phone makers using Windows Mobile. If Google and Android can do, Microsoft believes they can too.

.Microsoft is seeing their portion of the phone market fall to about 16%.

.Microsoft has a huge competitor in this market....Apple. Apple just bought a cell phone advertising company. If Microsoft wants Bing to win the Advertising Wars, it needs to battle on all fronts....including phones.

.Microsoft plans on releasing a mobile device this year and it has already been tested by posting to twitter. It is codenamed Pink and will probably be an extension of the Zune.

Of course I could be totally wrong and we will know soon enough. If they are going to buy RIMM they will most likely announce it in Barcelona Feb 15-18 at the MWC.

What are your thoughts? Please comment below.


Did you here the chatter?

I heard through the online grapevine that may be for sale.... I will post more once I hear or learn for now it is just hear-say.