Projects in the Works

I am working on a few new projects (all at the same time!)

In the morning I will be attending a storage unit auction, just like the ones on TV. I have actually got a background in this so I should come out on top, I am taking my video camera.

I am also going to be panning for gold on my next day off, I have finally received all of the supplies, watched enough of 'GoldRush' on TV and YouTube, that I think I can pull some gold. I ordered 'paydirt' from Tennessee, Arizona, and I live in one of the only counties in Texas that has proven gold deposits.

I also have started a gourmet dog treat business, I now have one store that has a few boxes of my treats, more updates coming!


Vending Machines

Back on July 1st, 2011, I told you I was interested in a P.I.G. (Passive Income Generator)

I went out and purchased two used vending is the Vendstar 3000 that holds 3 types of candy and generated .25 cents per vend. It was a nice used machine but you could start to see the I just finished giving it a new paint job with paint I have and gave it a red/white/blue motif. (pic coming soon)

I also bought a tabletop basketball skill machine... I don't have to pay out anything, the customer just tries to make their coin in the winning circle. If they do, the establishment it is in gives a prize. I just gave it a new paint job too with a black and orange motif to try and make it look like a basketball.

Expenses so far:

Vendstar 3000 =$50
Tabletop Skill Machine =$10
Paint I already had =$0

So far I have spend $80! More updates when available..... If you want to see more about this venture just click on the 'Vending' tab to the right!