Easy way to Invest in Silver

If you are like me you look for investments that have nearly no risk but a lot of upside. Until now my money has been in 3 different Savings accounts (earning .8-1%), a 401K (earning just under 6%), and some select high dividend paying stocks. I knew there had to be a better way to protect and increase my money.

Believe it or not my breakthrough came from watching videos on youtube. I saw a video called Coin Roll Hunting. When I clicked on the link and watched the video, a light bulb went off and I was dumbfounded that I hadn’t thought of this before. The guy in the video went to the bank and bought $1000 in half dollar coinage and sorted through it to find the ones with Silver content.

I decided to give this a try and see how much of a profit I could make. The worst I could do is break even, because I can just deposit the non-silver coins right back into my account.
I went to the bank and bought all of the half dollar coinage that they had ($113). I sorted through the coins and found some Silver Coins! WOW! I deposited the non-silver coins back into my account, sold the Coins with Silver content on ebay and made a profit of over $20 after all fees and shipping! That is almost a 20% return!

Think of it this way, if you found only one 40% Silver half every month for the last five years, you would have profited over $300! With the economic turmoil that we are in now and the rising price of silver, just think how much you could make in the next 5 years.

Watch me sort through some Kennedy Halves at http://youtu.be/bmjJUGIt6gg

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All Barber, Frankin, and Walking Liberty Halves are 90% Silver.

The 1964 Kennedy Half is 90% Silver and the 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, and 1970 Kennedy halves are 40% Silver.

Dimes and Quarters made before 1965 are 90% Silver, if you would rather sort through them.

Some people are search through pennies; pennies made before 1982 are mostly copper and are currently worth nearly 3 cents each in melt value, also keep an eye out for wheat and indian head cents.


Sorry it took so long...

A while ago I promised I would post a few pictures of the homemade paper that I make by recycling junk mail and scrap paper....

Well, hopefully I did one better, I made a video of how I do it!

Here is the link...


Let me know how you would do it differently...


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I am working on a few articles that I am excited about:

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I am still trying to sell all of the items that I purchased at the garage sales that I attended earlier this summer.

and finally...

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