Needs more Cowbell....MSO..Martha Stewart

Believe it or not but I think Martha Stewart is a genius. The only thing is that I think she is selling her company short. Last quarter MSO lost money....It is mainly a content do you lose money....?

Martha Stewerts Omnimedia currently operates the following divisions:

Magazine Publishing
Book Publishing
Internet Publishing
Broadcasting (TV and radio)

I saw the Martha Pet Line at Petsmart the other day...looks great!

I was very happy to see MSO purchase the media and merchandising company from Emeril Lagasse in 2008.

I personally think Martha has a lot more to offer and needs my help. Here is what I would do to truly expand the company.

First, Marth dear, you are not going to live forever...just like you did with Emeril...lets add a few more faces to the company.. lets diversify. Lets add a new chef to go with Emeril, an interior designer, a financial guru, a landscapist and a green expert...etc....
Each one of the new faces of MSO could have their own magazine, tv show, books, merchandise, and websites..

Lets start with the new chef...they need to be younger than Marth and Emeril...What about Sunny Anderson...? How would adding yet another cook to the franchise help MSO....
1. Younger Demographic
2. She already has a TV Show
3. Different line of Merchandise
4. Possible new cooking magazine (combine Martha, Sunny, and Emeril into a more contemporary magazine)
5. Cookbooks

A New interior designer...I really dont keep up with interior designers but I see another like of furniture that could be marketing and maybe another TV show on HTV or something, and of course, more books.

A financial guru. This would be a great place for MSO to expand. America needs a down to earth person de-mystifying personal finance...How to save money, cut expenses, explain financial terms...etc....
Again...books, tv show...merch...magazine..paid email subscription for stock info...etc...

A Landscapist....hey..most people that have a house care about how their yard to take care of plants in the house...there use to be a guy on HGTV that had gray hair and a beard...I think his name was Paul...He would be a great addition to the MSO empire..
Mags...TV show...Books...Merch

A green expert...This is a person that helps the everyday person cut back on electric bills, how to recycle around the house...crafts for reusing items...again, books, tv..merch

I know that Martha already has her name on many of the products that these people would be hawking too...but each person could use a different retail outlet to market these products...Emeril and Martha already have Macy's..but who has Nordstroms...? Martha has Home Depot...but what about Lowe's?

Dont get me wrong...Martha could be doing more too....I would like to see Martha (who has 90% of the voting stock) own at least 2 shows on the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) It would put her brand out there even more!

I would also like to see more things been done online...Maybe MSO needs to make a few small acquisitions of internet properties to increase traffic...What could be bought? What about for sale...Lets see MSO turn this into a blossoming niche site for everything green...when to plant for getting rid of pests...etc....

I also want to see a line of food products from Martha...Emeril already has this...I want to see Martha Seasonings...Marinades...Frozen Cookie Dough....I want them to be sold at Whole Foods or something...Not Walmart..Lets protect the brand a bit.

Okay...for the naysayers...Martha is about cakes, cookies, and crafts...not personal finance...Hogwash...MSO is about content and licensing deals...MSO would just be leveraging different people they way Martha does Emeril and herself...

What about finding talent in other countries and letting them have their own shows in their respective countries?

Okay...there are my 2 cents....Martha if you are reading this...I am looking for a career change...would love to help MSO as an idea/creative guy. Just saying.

I own and am long MSO