Business as Usual

I have been working on a new website for my online empire. I will unveil it as soon as it is ready. I have also been promoting my classifieds/auctions/banner exchange/directory/ppc website on ebay. Last month was able to gain 3 new members. This month I am setting a goal of 10.


Revisiting Microsoft

Things have changed since I last expressed my opinion on what aquisitions Microsoft should make and what direction they need to move in. Some of what I said to do has actually happened while a few things have not yet materialized. If you remember we were acting like we had the same amount of that was spent on the aquantive deal. So here is what I think should happen since everything has changed.

Twitter: $525 Million I had first thought that this company was worth only about 50 million, but this site has garnered much press and could radically change the face of search as we know it.

Digg: $70 Million I believe that this site would go great with the new KUMO portal that is about to be launched.

AdBrite $125 Million Since I first wrote this blog entry, they have added another 10,000 websites to their que! They are growing at a huge clip.

MentalFloss $2 million With magazine shuttering all over the country I think that they need to add this as a pure cool factor. Since Microsoft's clothing line SoftWear taking off, this would be a great venue to sell more clothes and get free advertising for upcoming games and software. $80 Million This is cheaper than last time because their stock price has fallen considerably. But this site has memberships and would make a great finance destination for their new KUMO portal. Plus own another advertising company.

Skype $1 Billion Microsoft should take this off of Ebay's hands and roll it up into some of its business bundles. Also with the economy in the tank, Microsoft could scale this up because everyone wants a good deal on phone calls.

Looksmart, Miva, and iRobot $310 Million Microsoft should buy all of these 3 companies because robots will be HUGE in the future and Microsoft needs to write the software and the robots. Looksmart and Miva are just a way to gain more advertisers for adcenter.

I am extremely happy that Microsoft has started to push its "Surface" commputers into other venues other than bars and AT&T stores. I still think that Microsoft should build an upscale computer that people would take notice of. Like how Apple started doing years ago, but these would be more expensive than Apple and come preloaded with all Microsoft Applications.

Disclaimer, I own stock in Microsoft, AT&T, and