What a Day.

Today was horrible for the stock market and share holders in general. ALL of my stocks went down today. I am SO glad that I put that amount (see last post) into my money market account instead of stocks just yet. I will eventually put this money into stocks, but I don't think we have reached the bottom yet.

So is June going to make $1 a day for me, Not a Chance. My stocks may be down, but my 3 other accounts are all up.

I think the safest play for investing right now is CASH and MONEY MARKET Accounts! (I am not a pro, take my advice with a grain of salt and make your own decisions, or call and ask an investment banker!)


What a Crappy Deal!

The stock that I was trying my day trading experiment on did a split. now most people think that is Awesome but.... this stock did a reverse split, which means for every 530 shares I owned, I know only have 1 share. So my 1.5 Million shares are now just under 3000 shares of the company. So, I now have a new plan...(well new for this blog) I am going to try and buy a majority stake in the company. I already own about 3% of all outstanding shares. Since the reverse split, the share will fall in value and I will be able to buy them at a discount (I hope) plus there are fewer shares for me to buy!

Also I deposited $50 more into my money market account. I did this so that I can have more money earning more interest. I am looking at 2 stocks right now that are becoming Very attractive with the market falling as of lately! If I buy something, I will be sure to post it here!

Sorry I have not been able to update this blog as much as I should, I am working about 80-90 hours per week and I really just want to sleep when I get home! Plus I am still working on a may-term for my University!

The Results for June are almost here!


May 2008 Results

Starting Totals for May were:

My Savings Account: $258.07

My Investing Account: $670.11

My Money Market Account: $60.85
$35 came from Cash infusion and will not be counted as profit.

My Personal Lending Account $242.98
Currently Loaned: $194.22
Waiting to be Loaned: $48.76

Ending Totals for May

My Savings Account: $258.07 <0>

My Investing Account: $668.82 <-1.29>

My Money Market Account: $60.87 <+.02>
* Don't forget this amount is actually in my Day Trading Experiement* It increased .02 cents because it was in the money market account for a few days before it was transfered to the investing account!

My Personal Lending Account: $245.39 <+2.41>
Currently loaned: $241.51
Waiting to be Loaned: $3.87
* I made another loan using the cash flow from the previous loans.

The Grand Total for May is........ +$1.14 or + $.036 per day!

Today is Friday the 13th, and my day fit accordingly. As you know I am working 2 jobs at the moment and still trying to find time to work on my other ventures. I have postponed my custom website business until mid August, Which is okay because it gives me time to build a platform for all of the new sites I am expecting. I am currently working about 90 hours a week at the jobs, whewww, am I ever tired!

I plan on depositing some money into the stock fund because I really want to double down on one of the stocks I currently already own!

I didn't reach my goal this month but I still have next month!

Don't forget, if you have something you want to ask me or something for me to comment on, just let me know!


may results

may results are on their way, i am just waiting for my statement from prosper.

I was also able to add the hit counter to see how many hits this blog gets to try and start making a few bucks off of it!

Also, This blog has made it onto Blogged.com I need some reviews on it to hopefully move it up the rankings, be honest! I also have to add this link so that they know that I own this blog.

I am in phase 2 of my day trading experiment. I have bought up all of the shares that I am going to do (about 1% of the company, I actually own more, but that is for an investment, not for day trading) so know I just have to put all shares up for sale and see if I can double my money this week!