New Book

I just finished edit and uploading my photo book. It is a coffee table book of interesting pictures that I have taken around my home town.

You can buy yours today!

simple everyday pic...
By thomas r. jowers


Raising Money for Expansion

Nothing gives you that feeling deep in the pit of your stomach like seeing your new iphone in the bottom of the washing machine. Thats what I saw 2 weeks ago. So I quickly went online and researched places to repair it. Well, I found a place and sent off my phone, I got a call and the repair was nearly as much as a new phone. So, I decided to just buy a new iphone. I went about 10 days without my connection to the outside world.

Well I am also raising money to expand my advertising company. I am planning on buying on some hardware that will take my company from just online advertising to online advertising and guerrilla advertising on the ground. I am really excited about this and need to raise about $2500 dollars for the hardware. I already have some items on ebay and will probably get a loan for the rest, or I can make due with $1000 to get started, then scale up from there.

Check out my items for the next 7 days on ebay buy doing an advanced search for items from seller BuyGreatOnline.