My Resolutions for 2009

My Financial Resolutions for 2009

I want to increase my TXDOTCU and ATFCU Accounts by at least $250 each, I want to add another $100 into my prosper lending account. At least $1500 into my 401K, $1000 into my investing account, and pay off 3 different credit cards.

I have written these resolutions onto a white board that is on my bedroom door. At the end of every month I have to update the board so that I always know where I am, and what I need to do to reach my goals.

I also want to turn my "jack of all trades" business into a budding online advertising agency.


READ, read, READ

I think that one of the main things that a person does to be successful is READ. I personally have 7 magazine subscriptions, 2 newspaper subscriptions, read at least one book per month, read stock information every weeknight and purchase the occasional magazine/newspaper when out in public. And soon will be reading headlines on my new iPhone that I am getting for Christmas.

Reading keeps your brain active! NUFF SAID.

But really, it can give you insights about a particular subject, of course the news, and sometimes it is just a good way to relax. I am not saying that you need to read nothing but business magazines, I personally have a subscription to a gamers magazine, I hardly play my game, but it is nice to know what is going on in that world. I also like to read a classic book every now and then. The last book I re-read was Journey to the Center of the Earth....great book. Then rented the brenden frasier movie.

You can get steep discounts on magazine subscriptions, if you have one magazine that you like, do some research and see what other magazines that particular publisher also owns. If you find one you like, just call them and say, hey, I really enjoy magazine "X" and would also like to sample these other magazines you have, if I like them I will pay $5 for each subscription. I tried this and IT WORKED!

Cheat....I think that a podcast is like reading, I use my ZUNE to get about 5 Video Podcasts per week, I usually watch them when waiting in line for something (store, fastfood, doctor, etc...) I get up to date news, stuff from national geographic and a few others. They are really cool and make me look techie when in a public place. Plus the Zune screen is large enough to really see the podcast.