To Do List.....

Here is my To Do List for this week....

Get redesigned and everything connected

Become a contributor to

Sell Stuff out of the Garage to pay for the new Kindle DX, it looks really cool!


My Opinion on the Auto Bailouts

These are just my opinions and the do not correlate with any other company or individuals.

I think that the bailouts were handled incorrectly by 2 of the big 3 automakers. Ford got it right, they asked for a line of credit but haven't used it. I really admire Ford right now, and I was able to get double up through their stock! GM is just wanting more money without giving us affordable innovation. Come on, the Volt for $40,000! It should be about $25,000. GM should also spin off some of its brands instead of selling them. That way they can still profit from the brands in a good economy, stream line production, and keep suppliers open. Chrysler just makes me made....and I love my DODGE! They were taken over by Cerberus, but instead of Cerberus putting its own money into the company, they are asking for the governments help. The U.S. should ask for actual shares of the company, and to help stimulate the economy split those share and give them to every legally registered American. They can in turn sell or keep the shares, giving Americans money to spend on other items or it could help them start building a nest egg for the future. If we owned stock in a company we would also be more prone to buy vehicles from those companies!

There, I just fixed the auto industry. Whats next?