Quick Update

Just a quick update on the garage sale items...

I sold a book and 2 old liquor bottles....keeping the profit secret until everything sells.


I need a business idea.

Okay, I am trying to think of a P.I.G. (Passive Income Generating) Company.

I have a day job but am always wanting to have something else going that is making me more money.

What I have now:

Currently I run a few websites/blogs :

This is an online information portal. I have also included a Free Online Classifieds Section for anyone to use.

A website that helps put financial and business articles in plain speech. There are no big fancy words here to confuse anyone. This blog is also available for download on the Kindle from Amazon.

A website that gives ideas and tips on recycling, reusing, and reducing your carbon footprint. It helps people go green that don't know where to start. This blog is available for download on the Kindle from Amazon.

Love cooking? Want tips on cooking and recipes to try? Check out my website called The Foodie Within and begin your trip into my Culinary World. This blog is available for download on the Kindle from Amazon.

I make money by showing ads next to the content on these pages, these require minimal work on my part. I just have to write a post for these every so often So far these sites have shown OVER 400,000 ads and they are still going!

I also have stocks that pay dividends, they are stable companies that appreciate in value and pay me to hold them, I am counting these as P.I.G.'s

What I am thinking for a new P.I.G.

I used to have a vending machine in my house and I would get about $3 per week from friends and family. It was just a novelty for us to talk about, but I have since sold it. I am thinking about trying this out as a new money maker. I want to start with one machine, once it is profitable, use the money it makes to buy another machine, and so on. I know I can get one online for about $60 shipped. I like the vendstar 3000 models.

What are your questions/concerns/comments? Do you have a better idea for me to try? Remember, all ideas must require little effort on my part aside from initial set up. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thank you!