Update on eBay Experiment

Okay, back from the trip. I didn't spend my whole $100, not even close actually.

I spent $18.20 on:

(2) Gold Spoon Sets
(5) Books
(1) Box of Rumber Stamps (approx 25 stamps)
(1) 5 gallon bucket of old miniture alcohol bottles
(1) Antique milk glass compote
(1) Cream colored Vase (looks like McCoy)
(1) Kiln Slumped Art Glass Dish
(1) Box of miniture Amber Glasses (approx 4 dozen)

None of the items are listed for sale yet, but in a few minutes I will at least have the books listed on Half.com (it is owned by eBay) the link is here:


I am currently deciding how to ship these items the most efficient way possible for both me and the potential buyer!


Selling Items on eBay...Is it Still Viable?

I have heard less and less about people selling items on eBay and making a fortune. I want to see if this is still a viable way to turn a profit. So...here is the plan:

This Saturday a small neighboring town is having a CITY WIDE GARAGE SALE. I am going to pack up and go to see what items I can find but I need to set some Ground Rules:


1. Can only spend $100

2. Everything purchased must be listed for sale online on eBay

3. Must log how much everything cost

4. Must log how much in fees I pay for listing on eBay

5. Must log how much in fees I pay for using PayPal

6. How Much I charged for shipping for each item

7. How much shipping actually was for each item

8. How long did everything take, from listing to shopping etc...

Things I will need:

1. Paper/Tissure for wrapping delicate items

2. Paper and Pen to record how much I paid for items

3. iPhone so I can quickly see how much items are going for while on location to see if I should buy it (using the eBay app)

4. $100 in small bills

5. Box/Reusable bag to keep everything in

When everything is sold...I must list all numbers for everyone to see if this was profitable or not.

Since I actually agreed to take my grandmother, I am not going to count gas or food, this little experiment is a BONUS !

Check back Sunday for a short listing of what I found and a link to the eBay auctions.

Thanks and wish me luck!