Tax Time

Tax Time is here and you need to be ready when you walk into tax office. This year I changed companies. Let me tell you why:

Last year I walked into the office and waited 3 hours to get the lady to do my taxes. The lady was extremely nice but during small talk I learned that she had just finished her training to be able to do my taxes. Now due to my businesses, job, stocks, dividends, college, and interest on savings accounts and personal loans that I collect, my tax return does seem to be a little more intensive then the normal person's return. While this lady was doing my return I could see the computer screen and I noticed that she had said that I had a 'gain' on sell of stock, I knew that I had taken a loss last year, I called her on it and she said that she was right and I was looking at it wrong. So I said fine, whatever, we'll see. That day lasted about 4 hours, that included 3 hours waiting and cost about $200. About 2 weeks later I received a letter from the IRS, stating that there were some irregularities on my return and that it would be advised for me to check into it. Well I went back to the tax office to get it checked out, waited an hour so that I could talk to the same lady that did my taxes so she would be familiar with my account. She had no idea, so she asked the gentlemen in the next cubicle, he said that my taxes were done completely wrong!!!!! So the manager came out and did my taxes for me again, this took about another 2 hours, when it was time for me to leave, I started to walk out the door the manager stopped me and told me that I needed to pay for his services. I HAD TO PAY ANOTHER $150!!!!! I had to pay because they messed up! Needless to say I will never use them again or recommend them.

So this past summer I was fortunate enough to land a paid internship at Enterprise Rent a Car. On one of the pick ups that we do, I met the owner of a large tax chain. I told him about my ordeal and he told me to come to one of his office and he would take care of me. So I got all of my information together and went today (I had time because classes were cancelled due to ice, but they didn't broadcast it on radio or TV, till I had already left the house, so I arrived to an empty college) I literally did not have to wait to get someone to do my taxes. It took about 30 minutes, as I was signing papers and disclosures, he grabbed my huge stack of papers and receipts and started to work. At the end of the 30 minutes he took my check ($208) and walked to the back, he came back with a $20 bill and said 'Thank You, we appreciate your business.' That means a lot to me. I will be writing them a very nice letter and will make sure that the boss knows that his associate that did my taxes was very polite and professional! (but before I do I will wait 2 weeks to make sure I don't get a letter from the IRS this year!)

Check back thursday, I will be writing about my new website!


Online Job

Since the economy is not at the top of its game right now, the best thing I feel like I can do would be to get a second job. A few months ago I looked into some Work-At-Home enterprises and found them to be scams. (envelope stuffing)

Getting a second job will be tough since I already have a job in retail (which we all know a retail job takes away your weekends) and I go to school full time. I also own my own small online business that is in the middle of being restructured and downsized in some areas.

I have had some luck fillinf out surveys online, really just from one company. I have done surveys for them and I have been paid (by check) up to $10 per survey, but most have been $4 for a few minutes work, that's not half bad, but not enough to brag about. I might do 2 per month.

So I have decided that I will try to find an online job, like tutoring or something, as soon as I find something out I will post!


Combining Blogs

I have another blog that is dedicated to the running of my online ventures, As of the new year I will be combining it with this blog.


Update Your Resume

The economic slowdown finally hit Abilene, Texas. Many of our retail stores have DRASTICALLY cut the amount of people working and the hours they work. I have personally not been affected yet, but I might soon. I want everyone that reads this to spruce up their resume at this time. To your resume I want everyone to add relevent accomplishments and generally just make it more up to date. If you are in School/College ask someone from the Career department to check over it for you.

I also wanted to add something to my New Year's Resolution list.

I want to take at least 12 online business/marketing courses this year. I think these will look great on my resume.

I also want to find a job or get a promotion that pays at least $15 per hour! That would be a 23% pay raise to what I make now.

Also, I am getting ready to file my taxes for last year. I am still waiting on my two employers from last year to send me my W2's, if you attended college last year, wait on them to send some paperwork for you too. I forgot last year and had to get my taxes re-done, and it costs a pretty penny.