Saving at Christmas Time!

It can be done!

First... Start with a budget, $20 for stocking stuffers, $20 for Aunt Liz...etc.... Stick with it... Add up your entire budget for Christmas... Say $500?

Now try to look for deals, lets say you we're going to buy a book for Aunt Liz that is $20... You decide to look on and see that the book is only .75 cents + $3 shipping.... So, instead of spending $20, you only spend $3.75.... The left over $16.25 needs to go into your savings account! Your Aunt Liz is still getting a $20 gift!

Christmas doesn't have to break the bank!

If your budget is $500 for this Christmas, you should be able to put up at least $100 for yourself in the bank....

Use,, and of course coupons to save that money!

Send me some of your favorite money saving tricks!