Eating Out...

I just opened my statement from my bank for the month of November. One thing stood out more than anything is the amount that I eat out in a month.

For the month of November I ate out for a total of 14 times for a total of $130.04 and an average of $9.28 per time out. So if I cut the amount that I eat out in half, to only 7 times per month, not only will I probably be healthier, but I will save about $65 per month! That's almost $800 per YEAR!


Bad Habits = Lost Money

If you quit a bad habit or two you can save some serious CASH!

The New Year is almost here and everyone makes a New Year's Resolution.

So here is a little extra push to help you quit those nasty habits, just crunch the numbers!

On average a pack of Smokes cost $5, if you are on a one pack a day habit you can save $1800 a year by quitting! If you smoke 2 packs a day, you could save over $3600 per year! That could be an AWESOME Vacation! There is also the added side affect that you will be healthier too!

The average cost of a 6-pack of beer is $4.50. If you could stop drinking just one 6-pack PER WEEK, you could save over $230 per year! Over 20 years that's nearly $5000, and when you add in a paltry Savings Account Compound Interest, you will get to have one heck of a retirement party!

The same could be said for many habits, don't get that fast food dinner once per week, skip the coffee shop in the morning and save $5 per day, Go to the movies only once per month instead of twice per month and save over $100 per year (more if you buy refreshments!)