Save $2.37 per week...

Do you eat at fast food establishments?
Most Americans venture into one 3 times per week. When most people go into a fast food place they order their food and a large drink. So if you ordered a small drink (and save about 79 cents) you can fill it up unlimited times in most fast food places as long as you are still inside the building.
.79 X 3 = $2.37 + tax


Keep an eye open

Always keep your eye open for a good deal. This blog is not only to help you make money but to save you money too!

There are a bunch of great deal websites out there to help you save money....the one that I am a big fan of is and I also like living

From I bought a digital camera for only $5!

Also check out your favorite stores, I bought 2 pounds of rock crab legs today to only $8! $8 TOTAL! (I will posting a video of how I cook these up)

Warning.... If you join a few deal do not have to buy every deal posted...only buy the ones that you were going to buy anyway at regular price.