I didn't get to Vote!!!!! :-(

Let me tell you why I didn't vote today.

A few months ago I registered to vote, because my last voter registration card had expired. I was going to vote early this year at the local Hastings but completely had a brain lapse and drove right past it on the way home.

So I was going to vote today 11/4/08 at the K-Mart because I was going to be in town today anyway because I had to take a Spanish Test and I had a small meeting at work. Work is about 8 miles from school and K-Mart is smack dab in the middle. So I pulled into the K-Mart parking lot and made sure that I had my new orange voter registration. I walked around inside K-Mart for at least 20 minutes looking for the voting area, which is usually in the mens clothing section, I know because I have voted there before. Well after 20 minutes I actually asked where the voting area was. The Associate had no idea what I was talking about, a manager finally was paged to let me know that K-Mart only did early voting now and that I had missed the opportunity to vote at K-Mart by a day. So, I felt left down, hung my head and walked out of the store and drove my 23 miles to get home.

I was too disgusted to leave the house to look for another place to vote.

PS The Dow was up 300+ today and I already have a stock that I bought last week that doubled!!!!! More about those stocks to be posted in the morning!